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We love our suburb of Cherrybrook – our home is in a quiet cul-de-sac, we’re close to schools, shops and in 2019, we’ll have a train station about a block away!  After extensive homework, we came to the conclusion that it would be cheaper to spruce up our almost 20 year old home, build an extension and put in a pool, rather than move to a home close by with similar amenities.  If you’ve missed out on where it all started, follow the link:  Lyndie’s home renovation: First Phase.

lyndie's home renovation plans

lyndie's home renovation demolition

After weeks of staring at a big hole in the ground, the pool has been concreted and will take a bit of time to cure before tiling begins.  The time has arrived to demolish the pergola, remove the roof of the TV room and prepare the site to pour the slab for the new extension.

lyndie's home renovation demolition complete

After a few hours, the job is done!  My dog has the tendency to photobomb and it’s pretty difficult to find any photos without her in it. Luckily she’s pretty photogenic, so I don’t mind too much.  So this is what the backyard looks like without the pergola – a little bit desolate and bare…  The new slab will connect with the pool and stretch from the TV room all the way to the end of the house.  This is where a new wall will be built that would house a fireplace, but more on that later.

lyndie's home renovation foundation preparation

A structure of timber and steel is built to hold and shape the concrete and additional piering was needed to hold the concrete in place and support the new structure.

lyndie's home renovation, pouring slab

We’re finally getting there… the foundation is ready, at the correct level and ready for the rest of the work to begin.

lyndie's home renovation pool party

At this stage, you might think that it will be months before social get togethers can commence.  You’re completely wrong!  We had a pool party just after the concrete was poured!  No swimming took place, but dancing in an empty pool is much safer anyway…

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You know where to find us if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with your own renovation.  Not only do we work with great builders, but we can draw up plans, get it passed through your local council and assist with all finishes and layouts.

Cheerio ’til next time!

Lyndie camera

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