Renovation in Cherrybrook

Although pools don’t usually give you a good return on investment, it must surely be on the list of every Australian’s Dream Backyard.   Cherrybrook, in NSW, can get as hot as hell in summer, so we decided to go all the way and put in a concrete pool.  The entertaining area extension will have a view over the new pool area, so we thought we’d better not skimp on the size.  To fit the budget, we chucked the water feature and splurged on heating and nice pavers.  Heating would prolong our swimming season by at least 3 months, so now we can get the most out of this new expensive toy 🙂  If you’ve missed the beginning of the pool installation, follow the links below:

Digging the Pool, Pool Progress




The excavation is finished and now ready for the framework.  The frame is built with corrugated iron, steel and a timber frame to contain and shape the concrete.




The stairs are shaped and smoothed, ready to be tiled after the curing process.




Finally, the pool is ready for our first “pool party”.  All it needs is a few weeks of curing for the concrete to harden.  It also needs a good hose down every day, to ensure that the concrete doesn’t crack.  We’re now ready for tiling, but first, we need to start the demolition work to make room for the new home extension’s foundation.  More on this next week.

If you’ve missed the renovation to the interior of our home, have a look at these links:

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Cheerio ’til next time!

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