We moved into our new house two years ago, but my bed still does not have a headboard! We only bought a new mattress with a frame, and I always had this plan of making my own unique headboard. 

I somehow never get the time to be creative and make something funky for our own bedroom. So I need a new action plan!

Brief to myself for a new headboard:

  • It must be easy enough for me to able to make it myself
  • It must not look like something that you can buy anywhere else
  • Affordable so that I can change it again in two or three years (I get bored easily!)

timber headboard recycled

Recycled timber headboard with a personal message.

Also a place to hang some photos which I can change regularly?

This could be an affordable and easy headboard to make?

There is a nice tutorial on how to make this headboard on The Design Sponge Website.

feature wall pendant light

I love the grey colours and big image behind the bed.

This is also an unusual headboard, because the headboard is on the side of the bed. (Is it still called a headboard? Can’t be called a sideboard??!?) Might be difficult to recreate an image on timber boards though.

headboard drawing blackboard paint

A blackboard headboard! I guess you don’t have to paint the whole wall too, but wouldn’t it be funky to write different messages on the headboard? Especially all the times when I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking of something very important I have to do the next day! (Mostly something I forgot to do…) Now I can lie in bed, and write a note on my headboard! It will also keep me occupied on those (rare)nights that my husband snores…and I can’t sleep! A blackboard creates a great backdrop for colourful bed linen too.

shutter door headboard soft white

Recycled shutters used as a headboard. This is a popular way of making an up cycled headboard. Affordable and easy to make.

corrugated iron headboard rustic

Who would have thought to use corrugated iron as a headboard? Too harsh for my personal taste, but very quirky! The timber behind it softens the look.

rustic pallet headboard

A bedroom filled with salvaged items. A headboard made from a pallet. Nice! I love the neutral colour palette too. And the horns!!! Love the horns!!


This looks like my room… no headboard!

wording headboard tape

Last, but not least… A headboard for newly weds… When there is no money for a new headboard, erasable marker pens are all you need!

Maybe you can help me decide which one should be my main inspiration to create something beautiful of my own?

Until next time,


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