As you know by now, I never shy away from a second hand store and usually end up buying at least 3 things, even when I promised myself just to browse. Here are the items I would go for without a second thought:


second hand vessels

I find the array of shapes, sizes and interesting detail on vases and other ceramics available at the second hand stores, extremely fascinating.  You could unexpectedly find something from another country, like Holland, or in an unusual pattern that’s quite different to local stores.  I love changing my vignettes regularly, so this way it stays affordable and I usually donate back to a second hand store once I grow tired of it. Mix it up with a few modern pieces and add colour with flowers to create a pleasing visual display.  Follow this link to get a few tips on how to group items to make it look less cluttered.


I don’t know about you, but in my house, the library is costing us a fortune.  We have 3 cards allowing us 30 books every 3 weeks.  I’ve located books under car seats, behind books in my book shelf, under beds, behind beds and tucked in couches between seats.  I’ve paid a fortune in late fees and lost books and books that had accidentally fallen into baths.  Needless to say, I don’t think I’m welcome any more…  Nowadays I purchase books at the Salvo’s for 50c each and I can keep them for as long as I want.  Every few months I do a cleanup and donate back to school fetes or church garage sales and saving heaps!


Keep your eyes peeled for the stand of old Singer sewing machines, the cast iron ends of a garden bench, or chandeliers.  These can be changed into magnificent talking pieces and will add great character to your home.


Nowadays, it’s becoming much harder to find solid timber furniture at a good price.  The market is saturated with cheaper veneered pieces that do not age gracefully.  With a good sanding down, a lick of paint and new hardware, solid timber furniture will always be fashionable and can be turned into a great centre piece for any room.  For more tips on decorating flea market style, follow this link.


To me, a cutting board that shows a bit of wear is a thing of great beauty.  I love the rustic appeal and sense of homeliness it brings into the kitchen.  They can be used as trays for a mountain of brownies or other desserts (I’m getting hungry), serving platters for a hot tapas night or a cheese board at your next get together. Don’t hide them away… stack them up, hang them against your wall or show them off by leaning them against crisp white kitchen tiles to avoid the clinical look.

See you at the Salvo’s!

Cheerio ’til next time!

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