So you’re planning your new kitchen, but you really hate the typical “island bench” look? Do you HAVE to have an island bench? Of course not. Do you NEED an island bench? Of course yes. So now what?

Not everybody likes the modern sleek lines of a marble or concrete look island bench. There are a few other options. You do have to be careful when you choose to use a table in stead of an island bench.  You might find that one day if you sell your house, new buyers will be put off by having no official island bench. Your kitchen layout can even feel a little bit smaller without an island bench. If you do have a butler’s pantry, then size will not be a problem.


This is one of my favourite images below. Rustic table, soft chairs, masculine lighting and a neutral palette. This table meets with the kitchen seamlessly. The kitchen is not the focal point, but almost becomes a backdrop for this amazing table setting. The kitchen also has enough bench top space of its own, so an island is not that necessary. This table is huge so it gives the owner enough extra bench top space if needed.



For a little more informal look, use informal bench seats and different size chairs. This table will serve as additional bench space and a dining room table. This is ideal if your kitchen flows directly towards the outdoors.


With the Scandinavian look, the negative space of the room is actually the hero. A big oversized island bench can almost overpower the room. A sleek, timber table can create a more open look and accents the beautiful timber floor.



When your home is on the smaller side, an island bench can actually take up way too much space. A rustic informal table can serve as a dining room table and an island bench. I can see myself cutting vegetables and drinking a glass of wine at this beautiful table.

So there are many ways to replace your modern island bench. This is also a great way of adding interest, being a little bit different and creating a seamless look.

Happy decorating,

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