Did you know there is a difference? Many people don’t!

CHALKBOARD PAINT is just your normal (mostly black) paint that people use to paint on objects, so that they can write messages on them with chalk, and wipe it out again.


CHALK PAINT, is something totally different:

Chalk paint adheres to almost any surface! Timber, walls, metal, kitchen cabinets, floors, and concrete. You mostly don’t need to sand or prime your furniture. (I promise you!) It is known for its’ thick, chalky texture and “easy to distress” character. The queen of chalk paint, Annie Sloan, developed this unique paint more than 20 years ago. Do you wonder how easy it is to distress furniture like in this image below? EASY, with chalk paint!

Today I will not yet tell you about the easy and amazing uses of Chalk Paint. I recently painted a few pieces myself, so I will soon write a few blogs on how it works, where you can buy it and how much it costs. Details coming soon! (Please don’t expect works of art, as I am not the best and most patient painter…)


Just to remind you what traditional chalk board paint is, here is an image below:

Need some chalkboard paint inspiration too? Then read our previous blog with loads of ideas:


However, you will be soooooo excited once you are addicted to real chalk paint like I am…

Coming soon!

Happy decorating,

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