By now, it is a well publicised fact that I’m an avid Salvo’s shopper and running out of space to put everything.  My behaviour sometimes (not too frequently) worries me and I decided to Google the difference between a hoarder and a collector.  I am thrilled and a lot less concerned after I’ve found this:

“Generally speaking, collectors are proud of their items and display them, while most obsessive-compulsive hoarders keep their possessions because they can’t bear to throw them away, even though they may be ashamed. They may feel anxious whenever anyone asks them about getting rid of things and, unlike collectors, there’s often an element of disorganization to their stash.” *

So now the question remains:  How do we display our new found possessions so that others (our friends, generally) don’t think we’ve taken up hoarding as a hobby?


Textiles can be an appealing sight if displayed in a cabinet that acts as a frame.  Grouping them in colour blocks and stacking them, will let the collection come into its own right.


Mirrors can alter the size of a room, highlight specific features in a room and reflect beams of light into dark corners (mmm… no wonder I have so many).  Grouping mirrors and frames together on your wall can create great impact and become a powerful feature in a room. Don’t worry if the frames are all different, they will complement each other because they are all mirrors.


Arrange your finds in a way to showcase each one to its best advantage.  Combine old and new and play with timber texture for warmth, stack bowls with different patterns and get your dainty teacups out of the drawers. Try to stick to one or two colours only for a more harmonious display.


Nothing beats the display of books for a feeling of homeliness.  Keep them tidy in a shelf and mix it up with baskets and ornaments to create a more visually appealing display.

To find some visual inspiration for newly acquired cushions or artwork, read our blog Styling with Cushions or How high should I hang my Art.

I think I have an empty spot under the table in my entry way… Salvo’s here I come!

Cheerio ’til next time!

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*Information found on KnowledgeNuts


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